InterActions LA 2019: Inspiring Quality Transit Neighborhoods

April 18, 2019
The California Endowment

This year’s event will discuss the opportunities to enhance neighborhoods given the sweeping $120 billion investment to expand Los Angeles’ transportation system. While “transportation transformation” headlines abound, the on-ground picture is different: Change to the necessary complementary elements is harder to see and come by.

We will explore how today’s opportunity can address decades-old inequities among people and places throughout the region. Based on existing research, we know that new transit stations alone will not improve lives. A suite of complementary approaches—station area design, neighborhood connectivity and amenities, and progressive land use policies—are required to move toward a more inclusive Los Angeles region.

This spring, InterActions LA will pair the latest academic thinking with real-world examples of positive and progressive change—an essential exchange to address the interconnected needs of improving transportation and mobility around current and future transit stations.

Check out the Day’s Presentations

Session 1: Current Limits of Transit-Neighborhood Planning in LA

  Expanding Mobility for All: Transportation and Mobility for Vulnerable People and Groups

Madeline Brozen, UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies

Expanding Los Angeles’ Transit-Oriented Communities Program: Not Insignificant Legal Land Use Barriers

Julia Stein, UCLA Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

Expanding Areas of Opportunity: Neighborhood Differences Across Los Angeles’ Transit Areas

Paul Ong, Center for Neighborhood Knowledge

Session 2: Improvement Opportunities for Achieving Better Outcomes

Quick, Fast and Fun Station Area Improvements

Avital Aboody, LA-Mas

Growing a Racial Equity Movement for Housing and Transit

Owen Duckworth, The Alliance

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About the Conference

InterActions LA is an annual conference dedicated to advancing regional growth and equity in Greater Los Angeles. Bringing together a diverse community from multiple sectors, this half-day event provides an opportunity to discuss and engage in the most pressing regional issues today. InterActions LA seeks to ignite conversation, exchange ideas, and provide knowledge on topics at the intersection of how people live, move, and work in the Los Angeles region.