InterActions LA 2020

Friday, April 3
Virtual Event @ 9:30 AM PDT

The 2020 event discussed the opportunities to improve safety for women, girls, and other vulnerable populations as they travel throughout the Los Angeles region. Too often, people in these groups feel unsafe in public and this inhibits their freedom, independence and quality of life. Fear shouldn’t be the status quo for anyone. LA Metro’s recent “Understanding How Women Travel” report highlighted a litany of problems but what are the solutions? How can solutions benefit everyone?

We explored the most pressing problems and opportunities in crime prevention through environmental design, bystander programs, and the possibility of other non-policing strategies. Safety improvements should buoy all people and not introduce fear for others with concerns around racial profiling or other biases.

InterActionsLA paired results from recent academic work on public transit safety from LA and around the world with real-world examples and thoughts for advancing safety for everyone. Participants had an opportunity to exchange their best ideas with each other and engage deeply on solutions to advance mobility justice for women, girls, and everyone.


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Featured Keynote

Findings from upcoming research on public transit safety among university students

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris
Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA Luskin
Associate Provost for Academic Planning, UCLA

Invited Talks/Speakers

Meghna Khanna
Senior Director with the Countywide Planning & Development Department, LA Metro
Monique López
Founder and Social Justice Planner, Pueblo Planning
Daisy Villafuerte
Advocacy and Engagement Manager, Los Angeles Walks
Mariana Huerta Jones
Senior Coalition and Communications Manager, ACT-LA

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About the Conference

InterActions LA is an annual conference dedicated to advancing regional growth and equity in Greater Los Angeles. Bringing together a diverse community from multiple sectors, this half-day event provides an opportunity to discuss and engage in the most pressing regional issues today. InterActions LA seeks to ignite conversation, exchange ideas, and provide knowledge on topics at the intersection of how people live, move, and work in the Los Angeles region.