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Enabling Strategic Growth in Cudahy, California

After decades of sprawl, state and regional governments are now focused on encouraging compact, infill and transit-oriented growth as a key strategy to reduce vehicle travel and greenhouse gas emissions. According to this logic, growth in already-developed areas that are more central and better-served by transit will result in less driving and fewer emissions. Cudahy is such a community, and has upzoned a significant portion of the City to accommodate future growth.But Cudahy is also unprepared for growth in various ways. First, it has fundamental existing deficiencies in water and sewer infrastructure. The City needs to assess such deficiencies as well as future needs, and develop a financing mechanism to sustain these systems. Second, there has been very little permitted development in Cudahy in the past decade. This indicates that the market for new development is poor, and points toward the possible existence of regulatory barriers that affect financial feasibility of new development. Finally, when the City does grow, it lacks a financing mechanism to sustain public infrastructure; the City struggles with constrained resources. There is no local funding source for infrastructure for walking, biking, and transit access, which are crucial to support a growth strategy aimed at overall reductions [...]

REVISION – Southern California’s Performance Sustainable Communities Monitoring Tool

 An On-Demand Recording of the Training & Demonstration Webinar is available 24/7/365.  You can also view the  User Guide,  Project Flyer, Data Documentation, or one of our case-specific guidance documents:Using REVISION to assess neighborhood change associated with gentrificationUsing REVSION to understand neighborhood transportation dynamicsWant updates? Join the REVISION Mailing List Southern California is in a perpetual state of change.  In recent years, regional planners have sought to focus growth near existing jobs and transit, in areas where people drive less for commutes and have more transportation options.  REVISION is a new web application dedicated to understanding community change in Southern California.  With a range of metrics related to accessibility, livability, employment, and health, REVISION helps both professional planners and stakeholders without a technical background monitor the progress of the region’s Sustainable Communities Strategy, a plan to improve environmental sustainability, social equity, and public health.  Users can use the site to answer hundreds of questions about regional and neighborhood change, including:Are more people near Metrolink stations using public transit to get to work versus 5 years ago?Where are there redevelopment opportunities in walkable areas near jobs and high quality transit?In which areas is poverty increasing?Which areas are well served by transit and have access to open space and [...]

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