The Highway Capacity Manual’s Method for Calculating Bicycle and Pedestrian Levels of Service: the Ultimate White Paper

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Authors:  Herbie Huff, Robin Liggett

Date: September 26, 2014

Project: Exploration and Implications of Multimodal Street Performance Metrics: What’s a Passing Grade?

This paper concerns the methods for calculating Pedestrian Level of Service and Bicycle Level of Service as they are presented in the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual (HCM).The HCM MMLOS has been a black box for many practitioners. For various reasons, it can be hard to simply open the HCM and quickly understand how the pedestrian and bicycle level of service calculations work, what variables they take into account, and how important each of these variables is in determining the fi nal grade. Each of these has consequences for the ways in which pedestrian and bicycle level of service make meaning. The technical sensitivity of the fi nal grade to a given variable will influence the extent to which policies employing these tools will be responsive to such variable. Here we provide a guided tour of the these two methods.

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