Placemaking for an Aging Population: Guidelines for Senior-Friendly Parks

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Authors:  Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Lené Levy-Storms, Madeline Brozen

Date: June 1, 2014

Project: Seniors and Parks: Identifying and Responding to the Elders’ Needs for Open Space

We know little about the needs and preferences of different elderly groups in regards to neighborhood open space or the influence of objective and subjective features of the neighborhood built environment. This project is responding to this lack of knowledge and understanding. First, the research team is synthesizing existing knowledge on the conceptualization and operationalization of how to build parks for older adults that also incorporate opportunities for physical activity. We are also exploring how similar parks in urban areas in the U.S. and overseas have been developed. We are combining this knowledge  with information garnered from focus groups with elders at a senior center to learn about their open space preferences and desires for a future park in their area. This is to inform the design of the Coronado St. park so that it is highly relevant to the target population.


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