Can’t Hear the Train Comin’: Passenger Exposure to Noise at Los Angeles Transit Platforms

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Author(s):  Alexander Schaffer

There are 16 transit stations located inside highway medians in Los Angeles County, and passengers on these station platforms are subjected to high levels of noise produced by nearby highway traffic. Exposure to these elevated sound volumes makes waiting for a bus or train unpleasant at best, and potentially harmful to passengers’ health. Researchers have shown a conclusive link between hearing loss and exposure to high ambient noise levels, and daily commuters, who use stations in noisy highway medians, over the course of many years may suffer from hearing loss and damage to circulatory systems.

This study examines the noise levels at these stations with three specific goals:

  • Determining which stations experience the most noise
  • Identifying why noise levels vary from station to station
  • Suggesting design features that could reduce noise levels
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