A New Way to Park on the Street: Evaluating the Spring Street Parklets in Downtown Los Angeles

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Author(s):  Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Madeline Brozen, Robin Abad Ocubillo, Kevin Ocubillo

Parklets are small public spaces created by converting car-parking spots into attractive areas for people to gather, recreate, or relax. First conceived in San Francisco in 2010, these spaces often feature benches, tables, chairs, and plants, but they can also have game tables, exercise equipment, and other innovative street furniture. The creation of these spaces provides an opportunity for residents and local businesses to build community and enhance the charm of the street, all at low cost to cities or public agencies. The city of Los Angeles installed its first parklets in early 2013, and this study seeks to examine the effect of these two parklets on their adjacent downtown community.

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