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Lewis Center Visiting Scholars


Gen Giuliano (2015-2016)
Perloff Professor of Planning, University of Southern California

Genevieve Giuliano, Ph.D., conducts research on relationships between land use and transportation, transportation policy analysis, and information technology applications in transportation. Her current research includes examination of relationships between land use and freight flows, and development of applications for transportation system analysis using archived real-time data, and analysis of commercial and residential development around transit stations. She has published over 160 papers, and has presented her research at numerous conferences both within the US and abroad.Giuliano is a past Chair of the Executive Committee of the Transportation Research Board, and a National Associate of the National Academy of Sciences. She is the recipient of the TRB Distinguished Service Award (2006), the Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lectureship Award (2007), the Transportation Research Forum Outstanding Researcher Award (2012), and the Council of University Transportation Centers Distinguished Contribution award (2013). She is a frequent participant in National Research Council policy studies, and currently is serving on the Intercity Travel study. She is a member of several advisory boards, including the National Freight Advisory Committee.


JSP1Jane Pollard (2014)
Professor of Economic Geography, New Castle University

Jane Pollard is Professor of Economic Geography in the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS) and the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology at Newcastle University, UK. She has degrees in Geography (BA, Sheffield University UK, MA McMaster University, Canada) and Urban Planning (UCLA, USA). Her recent research interests span postcolonial political economy, financializing capitalism and the economic, political and social constitution of financial networks. While in the USA, she will be researching sub-prime debt markets and questions around institutional diversity and credit provision and justice for low income groups.


COVINGTON.KKenya Covington (2011-2012)
Associate Professor, California State University, Northridge

Professor Convington had served as a resident scholar at the National Urban League. Dr. Covington’s interest lies in the examination of the impact of social and urban policies on low-income families, single parents, African Americans and other racial and ethnic populations, urban and rural dwellers and their children.

• The Suburbanization of Housing Choice Voucher Recipients



AltschulerWb Alan Altshuler (2010-2011, 2011-2012)
Distinguished Service Professor, Harvard University

Dr. Altshuler was appointed by Governor Frank Sargent as the first director of the Boston Transportation Planning Review in 1970. Professor Altshuler’s interest includes urban planning and politics, as well as public investment.

• Equity as a Factor in Surface Transportation Politics




UMEMOTO.KKaren Umemoto (1999,  2000,  2001, 2003)
Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Dr. Umemoto’s research focuses on the issues of democracy and social justice in multicultural societies, specifically of U.S cities. Her research “takes a broad view of planning in the context of social change and political transformation.” Professor Umemoto’s interest includes planning and governance in multicultural societies, race and ethnic relations, youth and urban violence, and community building.

• A Profile of Race-Bias Hate Crimes in Los Angeles County
• Economic Needs of Asian Americans And Pacific Islanders in Distressed Areas



Henry_CisnerosHenry Cisneros (1990)
10th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

In 1992, President Clinton had appointed Henry Cisneros to be the 10th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. During his time in office, Secretary Cisneros formulated policies that reinvigorate the nation’s public housing development, which resulted in the achievement of the nation’s highest ever homeownership rate.