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GIS Contest Archive

2014 – 2015

  • Mapping Net Solar Potential of Building Types in LA County
    Hannah Gustafson (Urban Planning) – 1st
    – Poster
  • Setting the Right Price for Bus Transit: Culver CityBus Fare Structure Evaluation
    Ching Yan (Jane) Chan (Urban Planning) – 2nd
    – Poster
  • How Fast is Rapid? Examining Bus Service in Los Angeles
    Mike Samuelson (Urban Planning) – 3rd
    – Poster
  • Adapt to a Hotter LA: Water Conservation at City Level
    Xinyue Li (Environmental Science and Engineering, Institute of Environment and Sustainability) – Honorable Mention

2013 – 2014

  • Neighborhood Change Along the Orange Line
    Anne Brown (Urban Planning) – 1st
    – Poster
  • Transportation and Climate Change Adaptation: A geospatial investigation of vulnerability and resilience in Los Angeles County
    Chelsea Richer Urban Planning) – 2nd
    – Poster
  • Does the LA Bike Plan 2010 Serve the Right Areas?
    Hyeran Lee (Urban Planning) – 3rd
    – Poster

2012 – 2013

  • Turning Air Rights Right
    Nicolas Zuniga (Urban Planning) – 1st
    – Poster
  • Regenerating the Waterfront Industrial Zone
    Wenchong Lai, Arfakhashad Munaim, Hyejeong Yoo, Youngjun Kim (Urban Planning) – 2nd
    – Poster
  • Transit Dependent Populations in the Valley
    by Teresa Whinery (Urban Planning) – 3rd
    – Poster


2011 – 2012

  • The Role of Place-Based Interventions in Increasing Financial Service Access  Ricardo Gutierrez, Elycia Mulholland, and Sarab Sarung Singh Khalsa (Public Policy and Social Welfare) – 1st
  • We’ve Been Where You Are – Parent Mentorship and Family Reunification in LA County Stephanie Enano (Social Welfare) – 2nd
  • Addressing Rising Family Homelessness in the City of Los Angeles Clarine Ovando-Lacroux (Urban Planning) – 3rd


  • Fill ‘Er Up: Commuting and the Real Cost of Gas in LA County
    Lars Carlson – 1st
  • Mental Health Professional Shortage Designation Tool
    Rachel M. Gannon – 2nd


  • Assessing the Economic Impacts of Climate Change Events to Marine Industries in Long Beach, California
    Aaron McGregor – 1st
  • Problem Gambling in LA County: Problem Gambling Prevalence &
    Services in Asian American Communities

    Cathy Dang – 2nd
  • Clean Technology Opportunity in Los Angeles 
    Sarah Locher – 2nd


  • A Land Use Assessment of Intermodal Transfer Facilities in
    Los Angeles County: Understanding How Land Use Effects
    Station Access and Passenger Perceptions of Safety and Security

    Adina Ringler (MA Urban Planning) – 1st place
  • Increasing Open Space in Southern California’s Urban Environments: A Case
    Study Using GIS to Effectively Locate Pocket Parks and Investment in Public Spaces

    Andrea Osgood (MA Urban Planning) – 2nd place (tied)
  • Hollywood Earthquake – Hospital Analysis
    Gayle Striano (MA Urban Planning) – 2nd place (tied)


  • Understanding Environmental Characteristics Pertaining to Infant Abandonments and Surrenders in Los Angeles County
    Lori Ring (PhD Candidate Social Welfare) – 1st place
  • Geographical Barriers – New Bicycle Lanes in the Northern Los Angeles Basin
    Adrian Leung (MA Urban Planning) – 2nd place (tied)
  • Is Los Angeles More Crowded than New York? Using GIS to Compare Population Density in Los Angeles & New York
    Andrea Osgood, Sandra O’Flaherty, and Lara Regus (MA Urban Planning) – 2nd place (tied)


  • Identifying Walkable Neighborhoods in Los Angeles
    Lauren Buckland (MA Urban Planning ’05)
    Question: Which areas in Los Angeles are “walkable” and do the walkable areas coicide with residents who don’t own cars or walk or ride the bus to work?


  • Westside Transportation Access Needs Assessment – Short and Long Term Improvements
    Timothy Papandreou (MA Urban Planning ’04)Questions: Does the Westside Sub-Region have greater than average transit needs than the rest of Los Angeles? How can GIS be used to help tell the Westside Story?