2016 Arrowhead Symposium: Investing in Sustainable Mobility


Every year, urban planners, academics, public officials, and transportation enthusiasts gather in the mountains near San Bernardino for 3 days of thoughtful, frank discussions on the connections between transportation, land use, and the environment. This year’s Lake Arrowhead Symposium was no different, with all the sessions revolving around the theme of “Paying It Forward: Investing in Sustainable Mobility.” Panelists and attendees came from all over the country to discuss funding innovative transportation programs, coping with fiscal uncertainty, and planning for future innovations like Autonomous Vehicles.

This was the 26th annual installment of the Arrowhead Symposium, which is always an intimate, invite-only gathering, and we’ve put together 4 stories to share some of the highlights with you.

1. Adding Capacity Without Adding Concrete
The era of major highway construction is over, and there’s still traffic everywhere. Are there other ways to help cut down on congestion?

2. Funding Transportation Through Cap-and-Trade
One of California’s most innovative transit-funding programs is also one of its most unpredictable. How can we plan for the future?


3. How Will High-Speed Rail Change California?
It’s still not clear how the huge public-works project will affect land use and urban development in the state — if it happens at all.

4. Getting Ready for the Rise of Autonomous Vehicles
From traffic to privacy to safety, our panel tried to game out a future with fewer drivers but (possibly) a lot more cars.

The presentation slides from each session are also available. Thanks again to all of our sponsors, speakers, and attendees, and we can’t wait to see you again next year.

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