Professor Manville Returns to UCLA

MANVILLE It is with great excitement that the  UCLA Lewis Center welcomes Mike  Manville back to UCLA Luskin as an  assistant professor of Urban Planning.  Professor Manville received both his  MA and PhD in urban planning from  UCLA in 2003 and 2009 respectively  and afterward served as a post-doctoral  researcher with the Lewis Center.  Professor Manville is coming to UCLA  from the Department of City and  Regional Planning at Cornell University  where he taught courses on traffic  congestion, urban public finance, and  spatial economics from 2011-2016.

 Professor Manville specializes in two  main areas of research: the relationship between transportation and land use, and local public finance. On the first point, he has conducted research into the costs of parking requirements and the benefits of congestion pricing schemes. On the second point, he specifically studies the willingness of residents to finance public services as well as the tendency of local governments to increase the cost of housing through strict land-use restrictions. Professor Manville is widely published in academic journals such as the Journal of the American Planning Association, the Journal of Planning Education and Research, Urban Studies, and Transport Policy as well as more popular sources such as CityLab, Atlantic Cities, the Economist, and the Washington Post. Professor Manville’s interests have also taken him outside the walls of academia; he has worked both as an advisor to government officials on transportation policy and as a consultant to the development and environmental community on land use regulations.

We warmly welcome Professor Manville back to the UCLA Department of Urban Planning.

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