2013 Lake Arrowhead Symposium Focused on Smart Technologies, Smart Policies

On Sunday, October 19, policymakers and thought leaders from around the country convened in Lake Arrowhead, CA for a three-day symposium on the relationship between technology, data, transportation and land use planning, and the environment. The event, entitled “Smart Technologies, Smart Policies” is the 23rd annual installment in a series of relatively intimate, carefully curated symposia convened by the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies. This year, the panels dealt with such questions as: How can the public sector be responsive to the fast-pace and great uncertainty that technological change presents? How are city governments using more data and new technologies to plan and manage transportation systems in innovative ways, from smart parking meters to taxicab GPS to open transit data feeds? What new institutions, regulations, and systems are needed to deal with a changing technological world?   To view the entire photo set, please visit our Arrowhead Flickr gallery

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