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The 21st Annual UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium on the Transportation – Land Use – Environment Connection

Held October 16-18 at UCLA’s Lake Arrowhead Conference Center



The UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium is a collaborative enterprise that brings together researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders each fall to discuss and debate the transportation – land use – environment connection. This fall, we will focus on the increasingly central role of energy in the transportation – land use – environment connection. Rapidly rising global oil prices and the ongoing nuclear power crisis in Japan suggest that this topic is timely and important.

Experts differ in their opinions about when oil production will peak – if it hasn’t done so already – and exactly when we can expect a tapering of supply in the face of rising global demand. Many argue that we must rely more on technological advances to improve our extraction techniques, better and more efficiently manage our supply, and reduce consumption. Others argue that we must transition to alternative energy forms that will reduce our reliance on oil. However, in deciding which path to pursue, many questions still remain.

Advances in efficiency may hold part of the answer, but even in evaluating, for example, which transportation modes are most efficient, it is not clear whether to evaluate based on the potential of technologies, the behaviors around their use, or utilization rates. And, while options abound, there is little consensus on which alternative energy sources should be pursued, and whether and to what extent public policy should steer the process. Should we switch to new sources such as bio-fuels, or would conservation efforts be more cost-effective? What are the land use implications for renewables? What are the energy consequences of alternative forms of development, and how do these compare relative to changes in vehicle fleet?

The analysis needed to yield wise and prudent decisions is difficult in the face of considerable uncertainty. What are recent advances in life-cycle analyses, and is there a clear path for balancing net benefits/costs over short, medium, and long-term horizons? How are cities and regions coping with and overcoming the challenges of creating local programs in the context of global warming?

Speakers include experts on energy markets, alternative energy sources, and conservation, and will consider the role of energy in transportation systems, land use and development, and environmental policy in the coming years. Likewise, speakers will discuss how past policies in transportation and development have shaped the way we consume and produce energy. This symposium is intended for policy decision-makers and analysts in the public and private sectors whose work concerns land and transportation systems and their environmental consequences. Our speakers and audience members are purposefully heterogeneous to stimulate thoughtful discussion and debate among all participants. We hope you will join the conversation this fall at Lake Arrowhead.

Symposium Co-Organizers:
Florentina Craciun, Program Director, Lewis Center for Regional and Policy Studies, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
Brian D. Taylor, Professor of Urban Planning; Director, Lewis Center for Regional and Policy Studies; Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
Allison Yoh, Associate Director, Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies; Associate Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

2011 Sponsors

Automobile Club of Southern California

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Southern California Association of Govrnments

Federal Transit Administration

Los Angeles Worl Airports

Majestic Realty

Port of Long Beach

San Bernardino Associated Governments

San Francisco County Transportation Authority

South Coast Air Quality Management District

Luskin Center

Urban Land Use and Transportation Center, UC Davis

Southern CS Edison



For twenty-four years the Transportation–Land Use–Environment Connection symposium has been attended by over 100 public, private, and academic leaders annually.

The unique signature of this series is its balance, of both scholarly and practice-oriented presentations, and ideological perspectives. Recent topics include:


Each year, the program sponsor steering committee selects a topic to be covered in various dimensions by approximately 30 academic, government, and private sector speakers from around the globe.  Recent scholarly speakers include:

  • Alan Altshuler and Jose Gomez-Ibanez (Harvard),
  • Robert Burchell and John Pucher (Rutgers),
  • Robert Cervero and Martin Wachs (Berkeley),
  • Anthony Downs (Brookings),
  • Genevieve Giuliano and Randolf Hall (USC),
  • David Godschalk and John Kasarda (North Carolina)


Directions to the
UCLA Lake Arrowhead
Conference Center
(see maps below)
From Los Angeles: Take the San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) East to the I-215 North. Travel on the I-215 for 6 miles. At Hwy 30/Mountain Resorts, bear right and exit the freeway at Waterman Avenue (Hwy 18). Turn left on Waterman Avenue and continue on Hwy 18 into the mountains for 22 miles. Turn left at Lake Arrowhead sign (Hwy 173). Follow road 2 miles down to the Lake Arrowhead Village four-way stop. Turn right at the stoplight and continue around the lake on Hwy 173 for 4-3/4 miles to Willow Creek Road. You will pass a gas station and a marina. Drive approximately 1.2 miles past the hospital turnoff and look for the Conference Center sign. Turn left onto Willow Creek Road and drive to the end of the road (about 1/2 mile). Make two right turns and you have arrived at the Lake Arrowhead Conference Center. The Main Lodge is the first building on the right as you enter the main parking lot.
Ground Transportation
from Airports
Ontario Airport is the nearest airport to the Conference Center.  It is approximately one hour away from the Conference Center via freeway and mountain roads. Guests arriving by air may rent cars at the airport and should consider carpooling with other passengers attending the symposium. The Lewis Center will make available a limited number of shared ride vans to and from Lake Arrrowhead from select Metrolink stations and Ontario Airport. See the symposium registration site for more details. When making travel arrangements, please note that the symposium begins at 1:30 pm on Sunday, October 19th.Other AirportsBurbank (Bob Hope) – 87 miles
Los Angeles International – 115 miles
Orange County (John Wayne) – 80 miles
Palm Springs – 80 miles
San Diego International – 115 miles
Information For additional information, please call the UCLA Lewis Center at (310) 562-7356 or email lewiscenter@luskin.ucla.edu.

If you are interesting in becoming a sponsor for the event, the following six sponsorship levels are offered:

– Diamond Sponsor $20,000 +
– Platinum Sponsor $10,000 +
– Gold Sponsor $7,500
– Silver Sponsor $5,000 +
– Sponsor $2,500 +
– Cooperating organizations

For additional information, please refer to the Sponsorship Information Sheet.
To become a sponsor please contact Todd Gauthier by phone at (310) 562-7356 or email at lewiscenter@luskin.ucla.edu.


Recent Sponsors and Cooperating Organizations



California Department of Transportation

Southern California Association of Governments



Automobile Club of Southern California

California Air Resources Board

Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Majestic Realty Co.

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Mineta Transportation Institute, SJSU

Port of Long Beach

South Coast Air Quality Management District

University of California, Davis National Center for Sustainable Transportation



Bay Area Air Quality Management District

California Energy Commission

California State University, Long Beach

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

California Transportation Commission

Coalition for Clean Air

CSUSB Leonard Transportation Center

Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic

Federal Highway Administration

Federal Transit Administration

Los Angeles World Airports

METRANS Transportation Center, USC/CSULB

Orange County Transportation Authority

RAND Corporation

Sacramento Area Council of Governments

San Bernardino Associated Governments

San Diego Association of Governments

San Francisco County Transportation Authority

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Sierra Club

Southern California Edison

Southern California Gas Company

UC Davis, Environmental Science & Policy 

UC Irvine, School of Social Ecology

UC Riverside, Bourns College of Engineering CE-CERT

Urban Land Use and Transportation Center, UC Davis

UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

UCLA School of Law

Union Pacific Railroad

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency