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Lewis Center Staff

<strong>Madeline Brozen</strong>
Madeline BrozenITS and Lewis Center Associate Director

(424) 255-8737
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<strong>Herbie Huff</strong>
Herbie HuffResearch Staff and Communications Manager
(323) 455-4372
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<strong>Michael Lens</strong>
Michael LensLewis Center Associate Director
(310) 825-1005
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<strong>Juan Matute</strong>
Juan MatuteITS and Lewis Center Associate Director

(562) 546-2831
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<strong>Brian D. Taylor</strong>
Brian D. TaylorLewis Center and ITS Director

(310) 903-3228
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<strong>Whitney Willis</strong>
Whitney WillisOperations Coordinator

(310) 562-7356
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<strong>Norman Wong</strong>
Norman WongInformation Technology and Data Manager and GIS Program Manager
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Support Staff

Alege, Mofe – Student Office Assistant
Cheung, Marisa – Student Communications Assistant
Cobian, Andrew –  Student Office Assistant
Issa, Gloria – Student Office Assistant
Korostil, Masha –  Information Technology and Data Student Assistant 
Jasapara, Arpit – Information Technology and Data Student Assistant 
Lane, Marion – Student Office Assistant
Reznikoff, Jackie – Student Office Assistant
Sekine, Kathy – Business Officer, (310) 206-4331
Sorfleet, Julie –  Student Office Assistant
Wang, Bella – Accounting Assistant