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Every year, the Lewis Center produces research and writing on some of the most crucial issues facing Southern California — from regional economies to housing affordability to traffic congestion. Our staff and associated scholars are happy to serve as contacts to help the media report more thoroughly on these issues.

Issue Briefs

Issue briefs (or explainers as well like to call them) are short summaries of what is known about particular planning and policy questions. Briefs are prepared by our staff, graduate students and associated scholars and are vetted internally. Some briefs include policy recommendations while others simply provide background information. 

Measure S 

While there is no shortage of debate on Measure S, the public dialogue has been relatively uninformed about the likely consequences of the Measure, in part due to difficulties in working with the various data sources on permitting and housing construction in Los Angeles. In this brief, our best assessment of the available research and data leads us to conclude that if the Measure passes, rents and property costs in the Los Angeles region are likely to rise even faster than they are already.

Residential Preference Policies

Neighborhood residential preference policies attempt to curb residential displacement by setting aside units in new developments for people who live in the immediate area. Many people and agencies that these policies are in conflict and violation of the Fair Housing Act as they limit access to new residential units. In this brief, we explain the delicate balance between open access to housing and gentrification concerns with examples from San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles. 

For the Press

These pieces are designed to give reporters a brief, concise overview of the major issues we cover: how to frame Southern California’s problems, what the state of current research is, and how those problems could be solved.